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Welcome to the Plantopia Blog

Welcome to the Plantopia Blog.

Whether you have a Green Thumb or not, you have come to the right place.

This Blog is dedicated to all Plant Lovers & Plant Enthusiasts. Whether you are born with a Green Thumb or nurturing the development of one, we support you. Taking care of Plants is like anything else, it takes experience. An internet Billionaire once said, 10,000 hours at anything makes you an expert, that’s 5 years of Full time work! We have done over a decade!

It takes knowledge, experience, understanding of weather patterns and lighting conditions, North, South, West, East, Air movement, Humidity, and many more factors, so welcome. Pull up your sleeves, put your listening ears on and your reading glasses and please put in your 2 cents! Together we will develop a community that supports each other and keeps our Environment Green, Pleasant, Beautiful and Healthy. Planet Earth is our Home, Let’s keep it Green!

The trendsetting Air Plant, offers flexibility in design and creation of both indoor and outdoor arrangements

By | April 21st, 2015|

Simple and Sophisticated: Tillandsia, the Untethered Air Plant Residential-Interior-Succulents Tillandsia, the genus more commonly known as air plants, are among a type of varied Bromeliads finding themselves among the most trendsetting and [...]