What Qualifications Is Plantopia Looking For?

What Kinds Of Qualifications Is Plantopia Looking For?

Types of qualifications recommended for, but not restricted to, potential franchisee owners:

  • Strong Sales and Customer Service Abilities
  • Willingness to Learn the Skills Needed to do the Work
  • Good with Timing and Schedule Management
  • High Personal Standards
  • Great in Dealing with People
  • Operate with Complete Integrity in the Business and in Front of the Customer
  • Strong Work Ethic (Self-Starter and Managerial Skills)
  • Able to Meet Initial Investment Requirements
Indoor Plants,  Fresh Flowers & Arrangements,  Christmas Trees,  Professional Plant Technicians


Targeted experiences include, but are not limited to, the following potential franchisee candidates:

  • Existing Home Service industry Sales and Service Workers
  • Retail or Sales Professionals
  • Corporations or Businesses involved in the Home or Commercial Services industry
  • Entrepreneurs/Investors seeing the Potential and Growth in the market segment.
  • Families – Husband / Wife Teams who would like to Start a Business
  • Flower Shops – Potential “Conversion” Candidates