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Plantopia Sacramento – Interior Plant Service
Foliate Plant Domaine – Partner Branch

1401 Fulton Ave. Suite C
Sacramento, CA 95864
(800) 690-7875

Welcome to Plantopia – Sacramento and the East Bay Area – We provide First Class Interior Plant Service for the the Capital’s distinguishedareas: Granite Bay,El Dorado Hills, Sierra Oaks, Arden Oaks, Carmichael, Los  Lagos and more…

We specialize in Interior Plant Services, Tropical Plants, Succulents, Flowering Plants, Interior and Exterior Landscaping, Orchids, Exotics and rare plant specimens. We offer Indoor and Outdoor Plantscaping Design & Consultation including Office Plants & Office Plant Rentals. Our process is Fast and Easy and we come to your job site and survery the available light  and space and brainstorm with you and together we decide what works for your lifestyle and workspace. Please make an appointment today to receive your Free Indoor and Outdoor Plant Design at your Office or Home.

Our services includes: Plant & Planter Selection, Plant Delivery, Plant Installation & ongoing Plant Maintenance with Plant Guarantee & Flowering Plants. We rotate Bromeliads, Orchid Rotation and many other seasonal flowering plant options and succulents for Sacramento and Stockton Area. All Interior Plants & Planters are installed and maintained by our expert providers and friendly professional interior plant technicians. Plantopia is at your service today. Please Call us at 800-690-7875 or Email us to schedule a Free Evaluation for Sacramento & Stockton Area. We offer Free Estimates for Interior Plant Service throuhgout California.