Indoor Plant Maintenance

Kentia Palm - Indoor Plant Maintenance

Kentia Palm – Indoor Plant Maintenance

Welcome! Indoor Plant Maintenance by expert and experienced interior plant technicians is our speciality at Plantopia. Our customer service is unmatched, friendly & responsive staff with consistent performance standards. Plantopia is a premier indoor plant service company at your service in San Diego and available promptly for your commercial & residential needs. Just give us a call today and we will be demonstrating our caring and expertise by offering a quick evaluation and a free quote.

Born in 2003, Plantopia is a family-owned and operated California small business. Because we are a local plant company, we are highly responsive, without a revolving door of employees. As a result, our company runs like a family. In other words, we care about you and your needs. So our clients always come first. Therefore, we select our staff carefully and offer friendly interactions all around treating everyone as we wish to be treated. Above all, customer service is our forte.

We bring you the widest selection of quality specimen plants and planters from our own backyard, imports from Hawaii to Florida, stylish planters from Europe, North America and the Far East. If they make it, we have it!

Our extensive portfolio speaks to our caring and professionalism. And we humbly request that you read our testimonials.

You can reach us by phone right now, at 800-690-7875. In short, we will make you proud of your decision to work with Plantopia’s Indoor Plant Maintenance crew.

Commercial Indoor Plant Service: Learn More

Plantopia professionals can:

  • Design & Customize a package suitable for any budget
  • Select plants and planters appropriate for your lighting & space
  • Evaluate Climate & traffic patterns to ensure plant survival
  • Purchase, deliver and install plants & planters in a timely manner
  • Keep your plants green, healthy, & disease-free year-round

Residential Indoor Plant Service: Learn More

Plantopia’s expert crew can assist you by:

  • Caring for your indoor plants weekly or bi-weekly
  • Help you in choosing plants appropriate for your space
  • Retrofit, Repot and Re-Situate Plants and Planters

Our access to an extensive inventory of plants through nurseries growing specimens from Hawaii to California & Florida allows us to provide you with A-stock plant products. Whether you choose to buy or lease.

Our Mission

Plantopia is dedicated to promoting the presence of plants indoors and outdoors in all commercial and residential spaces. Therefore, we believe that plants bring freshness and health into any living or working space. Plants are part of our natural world and add a softness to interior architecture.