golden-pothosEpipremnum aureum, also known as Golden Pothos, was formerly known as Scindapsus aureus. A member of the Araceae (Philodendron) family, they are native to the monsoon tropics of Malaysia. The plant has two leaf forms. The version of the leaf we see in interiorscapes is their juvenile state the heart-shaped, glossy, marbled leaves are small.


Epipremnums thrive in warm, evenly heated temperatures in medium to bright indirect light. They prefer to not have soggy roots and do best when the soil mix is allowed to become moderately dry between waterings. Golden Pothos can survive in the same grow pot, with a shrinking soil mass, for many years. They will remain alive in low light for a remarkably long period of time if water levels are kept low. In very low light growth will be slow. On the other hand, in very high light the leaves can tend to bleach out or even burn.

Pothos, with their tropical upbringings, have no tolerance for the cold. They will blacken and turn into mush with temperatures approaching freezing. Pothos will also react negatively to cold soil in planter beds and cold tap water. These conditions will frequently cause the plant to rot off whole stems.


Golden Pothos are well-loved by mealybugs. They love to hang out in the newly emerging leaves, on the under sides of mature leaves and in the soil. A plant that is stressed will become an especially favorite one for mealy bug, or even occasional scale or spider and cyclamen mites.

The hole or divot in the soil which occurs in older pothos, is a cause of plant stress. Just as pothos roots do not want to be too wet, they also do not want to be too dry. Through the years on a job site, the plant will develop a divot in its soil mass. This lack of soil can cause the plant to dry out too much between waterings, causing soluble salts to rise to toxic levels. The result will be brown leaf tips and margins, sometimes with a yellow border. This hole should be filled in with some fresh soil to keep the plant looking its best. It’s best to use an easy to carry compressed soil discs, technically called “Easy Soil.” It’s so simple to drop one of these discs into the hole and water.

With regular maintenance by a skilled interior plant technician, Epipremnum can thrive for many years! Contact the experts at Plantopia for a free consultation if you want pothos installed in your home or office.