Sauna and Poolside Friendly Plants

While we have helped many plants adapt to the interior, it is important to remember that all plants are native to the outdoor world. No plant is originally/ecologically an indoor plant. How well a plant adapts has to do not only with the plant but also with the varying conditions of the interior that the [...]

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Epipremnum: Golden Pothos

Epipremnum aureum, also known as Golden Pothos, was formerly known as Scindapsus aureus. A member of the Araceae (Philodendron) family, they are native to the monsoon tropics of Malaysia. The plant has two leaf forms. The version of the leaf we see in interiorscapes is their juvenile state the heart-shaped, glossy, marbled leaves are small. Care [...]

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All About Aglaonemas

Aglaonemas are one of the most frequently used plants in interiorscapes. Also called Chinese Evergreens, they are used as tabletop plants, stand-alone floor plants and as groundcovers in beds. They endure chronic over- and under-watering. It’s hard to envision an interiorscape without at least one or two aglos so let's learn all about Aglaonemas! History [...]

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Clivia miniata: Bush Lily

Flowering Bush Lily Clivia miniata (AKA: bush lily) is a wonderfully hardy, long-living plant with an exceptional seasonal bloom display at the end of winter. Clivia is a member of the amaryllis family and is named after Charlotte Clive, Duchess of Northumberland, who developed it as an indoor plant in 1866. Clivias have thick, [...]

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Fishtail Palm

The Fishtail Palm, also known as Caryota mitis, is one of Plantopia’s more fashionable plants in the interiorscapes of clients across the United States. Let the experts teach you a little more about these tropical beauties. Environment This plant is called fishtail due to its unique large feathery triangular leaflets. In the wild, it can [...]

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Dracaenas Varieties and Care

About Originally, dracaenas all evolved in the warm regions of the old world, mostly growing as an understory plant. Their leathery leaves all grow on tall stems with a leafy crown with thick rhizome roots. Because of these traits, they are well-adapted for indoor life. All Dracaenas varieties enjoy the warmth of the indoor environment [...]

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