Everyone knows about the Ficus lyrata (fiddle leaf tree) these days, but what about its brethren the Ficus benjamina or Ficus monique? Here we provide you with a little more information to broaden your fig tree knowledge base, plus a free infographic.

Quick Facts

F. lyrata: Did you know that this plant grows up to 40-feet-tall in the jungles of Africa? Quite the contrast to our 5′ friend at home!

Potting: All fig trees can survive in the same grow pot, with a shrinking soil mass, for many years. Once potted, no need to re-pot them any time soon!

Name: Ficus is Latin for “fig”, which is why these fig bearing trees are called Ficus.

Species: There are over 900 species of Ficus (trees, shrubs, and vines) on our beautiful Earth!

Origin: Most Ficus species are native to East Asia, and spread throughout the world’s rainforests from there.

History: Fig trees are rumored to be one of the first trees cultivated and harvested by early humans.

Environment Change: They are very sensitive to changes in enviro, so if they drop leaves following a change, they are not necessarily dying or unhappy in their new home. Simply adjusting.

Watering: While it is important to water the roots, these trees take in water through their leaves also. Therefore, it’s a good idea to mist the leaves of your tree regularly.



Enjoy this free infographic, made by us, the experts. Want to know more? Check out our Ficus Species page. Interested in adding some fig trees to your home or office? Contact a Plantopia technician today! Free consultation!