dracaena-arborea-careThe Dracaena arborea, also called the Dragon Tree or Arborea is a magnificent plant. With a crown of long, tender leaves and a short stem, and coral roots, it’s a giant lily more so than a real tree. All Dracaenas are woody members of the Lily family mostly from Africa and the Pacific Islands.


The plant is a living fossil. Twenty million years ago it spread from Africa to Russia as a part of an ancient flora that is now extinct. It has a growth form similar to a Beaucarnea: tall bare stem, fountain-like leaves. For many Dracaenas, when the bark or leaves are cut, they secrete a reddish resin which was used in ancient Rome and medieval alchemy. It was believed by the users to be the dried blood of dragons and was part of any witchcraft toolkit, which is where it gets its name. A close look at the roots of many of our Dracaenas used in the interior will give you a glimpse of the red color that is distinctive of this group of plants.


Once established, the plant doesn’t always need weekly waterings indoors. We recommend lightly sprinkling water over the surface. Only water when the soil is dry to 1” down. Avoid getting water on the growing tip of the plant as this can cause rot. Never let the plant sit in water, especially in low light.

The Dracaena arborea is a subtropical plant. It will tolerate and enjoy full sun or survive in light shade. When used in the interior, give it as much light as possible for it to thrive. When placed in low light the water needs are very low. In general, they are highly resistant to most diseases and pests. Occasionally they will get scale or mealybug.


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