Indoor Ferns: Care and Common Types

Ferns can be tricky interior plants to take care of, so we whipped up a cheat sheet for all those struggling to keep their ferns full. Nobody knows ferns better than our expert plant technicians at Plantopia. Whether it be the Bird's Nest, Kangaroo Paw, or Button Fern, we know them all. Want some fresh [...]

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Blooms: Our Top 3 Favorites

The Goldfish Plant Goldfish plant bloom Their decorative one-inch puffy flowers, with a pinched closed tip, appear from leaf axils and are a flower fancier’s delight. Typically goldfish have a summertime flowering season indoors but given enough warmth and humidity they can bloom year-round indoors. Nematanthus look their best when permitted to trail [...]

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7 Reasons to Use a Plant Service

Why do you even need a plant service? Anybody can water plants, can't they? What’s wrong with fake plants? A plant service guarantees satisfaction for the design, installation and service. Using live plants indoors expands your bottom line by improving morale and productivity. It has been shown that companies have less absenteeism when live plants [...]

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An Interior Plant Technician Explains 

Some interior plant questions couldn’t be answered with just a simple “more water, less water” or “watch for bugs” type of response. Sometimes we need more background, we need to consider the history of the plant. Here are a few of the questions that come up pretty regularly, yet are difficult to diagnose at first. [...]

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Plant Pruning: A How To

Pruning leaves helps your plants thrive Plants in the interiorscape can live long healthy lives when they are maintained properly. In addition to basic maintenance procedures, plants will last longer and keep their youthful shape when the technician uses pinching plant pruning techniques. Dead branches, thinning canes and bare trunks can all be [...]

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5 Friendly Office Plants For Your Desk

Our Top 5 Fav Desk Office Plants Add some color and fresh air to your space with these friendly office plants! Snake Plant Also called "mother-in-law's tongue", the Sansevieria trifasciata are tough, thick-leaved, hardy plants. They prefer low-light, and are very difficult to kill, making them ideal for the office worker with a black thumb.     [...]

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4 Houseplants for Your Home

We love houseplants! A few well-placed houseplants will brighten your space, improve air quality, reduce stress and create a wonderful, tranquil energy in your home. There are many interior plants to choose from, so finding the perfect one that complements your home’s style is easy. Where should you start? It’s important to consider factors like [...]

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