Cissus rhombifolia

Most commonly used varieties: ‘Ellen Danica

Common Name: Grape leaf ivy

Light Needs

Low to medium light

Water Requirements

Water thoroughly

Bushy vine, hanging basket.

Most commonly used varieties: ‘Ellen Danica

Bushy vine, hanging basket.

Low to medium light (50fc – 250fc).

Water new plants around base of stems. On older plants, thoroughly water entire root ball, then allow them to dry back. In low light (50fc – 150fc), allow the soil to dry down half way in the container; in higher light conditions, allow media to dry down 1/3 of container. Foliage on overwatered new plants turns black or crispy gray and stems die back. Overwatered plants drop leaves, and develop root and stem rot. Foliage on underwatered new plants turns bright yellow, then crispy brown and falls off; foliage on established plants turns yellow and falls off.

C. rhombifolia is susceptible to powdery mildew, so water correctly and keep foliage dry. Give good air circulation. Spray with leaf shine to control mildew. Pinch and prune regularly to keep plants from getting straggly and thin.

Mealybug, spider mites and powdery mildew.