5 Friendly Office Plants For Your Desk

Our Top 5 Fav Desk Office Plants Add some color and fresh air to your space with these friendly office plants! Snake Plant Also called "mother-in-law's tongue", the Sansevieria trifasciata are tough, thick-leaved, hardy plants. They prefer low-light, and are very difficult to kill, making them ideal for the office worker with a black thumb.     [...]

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4 Houseplants for Your Home

We love houseplants! A few well-placed houseplants will brighten your space, improve air quality, reduce stress and create a wonderful, tranquil energy in your home. There are many interior plants to choose from, so finding the perfect one that complements your home’s style is easy. Where should you start? It’s important to consider factors like [...]

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Plant Walls for Your Home and Garden

Living Walls for Your Home and Garden Plant walls, green walls, living walls, garden walls or vegetated walls make a bold statement in any interior or exterior space. Vertical gardens are an innovative way to add many beautiful plants to your environment without compromising on floor space. Indeed, it’s always a [...]

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The Kentia Palm

Kentia Palm Cantankerous Kentias... Howeia Headaches... Paragon Palm... whatever you might call the Howeia fosteriana (Kentia Palm), it is a palm of mystery and beauty. This palm is one of Plantopia’s more fashionable plants in the interiorscapes of clients across the United States. particularly in low light areas. Its widespread popularity [...]

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5 Common Bugs Affecting Indoor Plants

And how to identify which bugs are eating your plants Lions and tigers and BUGS, oh my! Cyclamen mites, spider mites, mealy bugs, thrips and scale, oh my! It doesn’t seem to matter how careful we are, under the stress of whatever the indoor environment holds for them, many plants become vulnerable to a [...]

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Complimenting Container Planters

From simple clay pots to trendy recycled plastics, containers filled with lush greenery can/should be used anywhere and everywhere! Container planters makes a statement in any interior or exterior use. They can feature a splash of color by your front door or as a cluster of pots for a centerpiece on your porch. Complimenting container planters [...]

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Plantscaping Balance and Design

Design a Beautiful and Balanced Plantscape Balanced Plantscape - Thirds In creating beautiful plantscapes, Plantopia’s interior plant maintenance experts construct environments that bring a response from everyone who looks at them. Certain design principles, such as plantscaping balance, govern our gardening professional’s choices for creating graceful and robust plantscapes. [...]

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Dracaena Marginata

Growing Dracaena Marginata Dracaena Marginata Dracaena Marginata, or more commonly known as the Dragon Tree, is one of the most versatile plants one can incorporate into their interiorscape. This plant is grown for its dramatic foliage and is a popular ornamental plant. These are drought-tolerant plants with aggressive root systems that [...]

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The Highly Drought Tolerant Pencil Cactus

Euphorbia Tirucalli: The Pencil Cactus The highly recognizable succulent Euphorbia Tirucalli provides an inspiring backdrop to any interiorscape. More commonly known as the 'pencil cactus', this succulent is highly drought tolerant. Pencil Cactus Bush Origin The pencil cactus is a tropical or sub-tropical shrub that grows in semi-arid climates. It’s native to [...]

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