The trendsetting Air Plant, offers flexibility in design and creation of both indoor and outdoor arrangements

Simple and Sophisticated: Tillandsia, the Untethered Air Plant Residential-Interior-Succulents Tillandsia, the genus more commonly known as air plants, are among a type of varied Bromeliads finding themselves among the most trendsetting and interesting in recent years. Artists and sculptors alike have begun to create bowls, terrariums and wooden housings specifically for the [...]

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Orchids – Timeless Elegance

Orchids - Timeless ELegance Orchids-Blue Phaleonopsis Orchids: Simple, Elegant, Resilient Native to Southeast Asia as well as parts of New Guinea and Australia, Phaleonopsis Orchids are a beautiful and seductive floral treasure, coveted around the globe for their classical beauty, mystique and grace. Ancient Greeks associated them with the power of procreation, and [...]

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