Interior Plant Design: Balance, Harmony & Rhythm

Create a sensory delight in your interior plants by incorporating design principles like balance, harmony and rhythm Do you remember the last time you felt overwhelmed by the beauty of a plant or a plant installation? Creating an interior plant design with balance, harmony, and rhythm can evoke an emotional response, leaving a [...]

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The Air Plant: Simple and Versatile

The Trendsetting Air Plant Residential-Interior-Succulents Tillandsia, more commonly known as an air plant, are finding themselves among the newest wave of plant trends.   Appearance You've likely seen what we're talking about. An air plant kind of look like a weed pulled out of the ground. Some have a sort of succulent [...]

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Orchid – Timeless Elegance

Moth Orchid: Simple, Elegant, Resilient Classic Long-Branch White Moth Orchid Origin The Moth Orchid (or Phaleonopsis) is originally native to Southeast Asia, parts of New Guinea and Australia. The ancient Greeks named them such due to the moth-like shape of their flowers. In the early 1800s Victorian Era, Orchid Fever spread across [...]

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