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Board Room Indoor Plants

Board Room Indoor Plants

Creating an interiorscape to match your home and business personality

Interiorscapes are created especially for your space’s individual personality and character.

Whether you are standing in the middle of a mall, a hotel, your own or another’s private home, eating in a restaurant, sitting at long tables in a law office, corporate headquarters or a swankier and more open workspace you can feel the space’s character in your gut. Each space has its own flavor, its own energetic vibration if you will, and it’s equally as important to take into consideration all that esoteric personality as it is to design to all the matter and material in the space. In fact, every space has its own flavor and if it’s a business, its own corporate identity. So how can you plan an interiorscape for all those individual elements? It’s as easy as creating a wardrobe based on what feels good to you. Let’s explore.

Take a look around you. Are you surrounded by a sense of formality? Heavy curtains? Dark wallpaper? Are there lots of mahogany furnishings and crystal bowls? That would be a sure callout that the atmosphere you are sitting in is formal. Whether it’s an office or the dining room in your home you’ll sense a hushed tone and other than rather deep, rich color tones, everything is rather muted. Heavy curtains line the walls diffusing the light to a dim candlelit feeling. There is a comfort in the stillness.

Kitchen Plants - Lechuza Silk Protea & Succulents

Kitchen Plants – Lechuza Silk Protea & Succulents

Now, consider a beach house or a casual office with a more open floor plan. It’s a place where there is more interaction between people and soft comfortable furnishings one can throw their feet up on and relax. Perhaps people are dressed in lighter clothing and open shirt collars. The color tones might be bolder and more whimsical. The windows are thrown open, light is streaming in and there’s an abundance of activity. As common as it is for all of us to have different tastes in clothing, some of us are more comfortable in formal settings and some in casual. As we dress ourselves for our own personality, so we must dress our spaces for the personalities they emit.

A formal office will want plant or container symmetry. A pair of Raphis at the entry will look beautiful but they must match in height and density or else the formal room will feel lopsided. Pothos would look fantastic but will need to be groomed into perfect balls for a formal space, rather than the long free-style runners that would be more fitting to a casual environment. In a formal setting, the pots generally look neatest when they’re all one style.

Building Lobby - Interior Plants Cluster Designs - Modern & Sustainable

Building Lobby – Interior Plants Cluster Designs – Modern & Sustainable

Let’s say you are a more casual type with a casual office. There, the variety in sizes, styles and containers is as broad as one’s imagination. In an informal setting mixing it up is the name of the game. Adding fun elements and tons of color make lighten the already casual aspect of the space and create an even heightened sense of beauty and fun.

If you are considering an interiorscape do-over or are remodeling, contact a Plantopia. Our Interiorscape Designers will assess what kind of environment your home or office really is. Don’t even consider bringing in plants or containers without a consult on color, shape and seasonal likes and dislikes. Your interiorscape should reflect your own individual style, as much as your clothing does. Your Plantopia Designer will design the tones and plantings to your taste and personality perhaps even suggesting some new pot and plant styles. Dressing up your home or office’s interiorscape can be as fun and engaging as buying a new wardrobe. Call Plantopia today to set up a consult to discuss some ideas. Call 800-690-7875 or email us at

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